Around 33 million unintended pregnancies
Unsuitable or incorrectly used methods of contraception result in exactly this amount of unintended pregnancies. Almost half of the world's unintended pregnancies result in abortion. 1
By completing the educational contraception test, find out which factors are relevant to you in choosing the right birth control method.
How can an accurately chosen contraception method improve your quality of life?
Effective family planning
  • The main goal of birth control is to prevent unintended pregnancies and assist in informed family planning. This test will help you recognise the factors in your life that are important in choosing the safest and most effective birth control method for you and your needs.
Health benefits
  • An additional benefit of contraception lies in its ability to prevent sexually transmitted diseases (STD), as well as reducing the impacts and symptoms of other illnesses. With the help of the test learn more about the various ways birth control can improve your health outcomes.
What methods can be evaluated and compared in the test?
To keep you informed and aware of your choices, on the results page we have summarised the relevant information surrounding the most commonly used contraceptive methods.
Calendar method
Contraceptive pill
Intrauterine device (IUD)
Contraceptive implant
Pull-out method (Withdrawal)
Contraceptive injection
Vaginal ring
Contraception diaphragm
Contraceptive patch
Male vasectomy
Tubal ligation
Emergency contraception (morning after pill, plan B)