About Us
A group of IT and Medical specialists teamed up with healthcare professionals and patients organizations, willing to spread the culture of self-awareness and preventive medicine, to aid the community in the fight with breast cancer.
Skrinigs.lv is a web platform, which provides information and knowledge of more 150 research papers and studies, combining the worldwide knowledge of breast cancer risk factors, to provide a multidisciplinary approach, using the phenotypic (lifestyle, nutrition, etc.), genetic and visual data, and providing the user with the personalized report, step-by-step instructions for screening programs in Latvia, and give the information about the risk factors and ways how to impact those.

Our goal is to create a system, which would educate society and make people aware of their health, connecting them with researchers and institutions, to participate in the research of diagnostic and therapeutic methods for breast cancer.

Become a part of a major study, aimed to prevent breast cancer! A couple of minutes you give now can make a major impact in the future.

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