About Us
"Skrinings.lv" is a product of specialists from the medical, technology and design field coming together with a goal of establishing a culture of preventative health in Latvia as well as educating women on various health-related topics.
Our goal is to develop modern technology that not only educates broader society on the importance of personal health management but also creates a bridge between citizens, researchers, and various decision-making stakeholders. This allows for the effective engagement of citizens in public health research driving scientific exploration and leading to innovation in the healthcare sector.

"Skrinings.lv" is a user-friendly platform, that provides its users with personalised recommendations for breast health improvement, and gives practical advice, according to the regulations backed by the government of Latvia, about necessary steps, if results seem concerning. All the information that is presented in the tests is based on evidence-based scientific publications and guidance of practicing healthcare professionals.

Take care of your health and be a part of the movement!

Platform is developed by SIA "Health Screening Solutions".
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